‘La Mia Italia è Forte’ by Sandro Cuccia

My Italy is Strong

Italians demonstrate resiliency and patriotism

Italy is struck hard with the COVID-19 pandemic. The country is on total lockdown. But the Italians cooperate and persevere because they have been through so much over the decades and centuries. And, they have always found ways to survive and go on living.

I have been following the goings-on in Italy, especially in the north where I am from. But I have family in Sicily as well. I have been collecting some Internet images and short videos from Italy as well as those sent to me by my family. I thought I’d share a few of these with my students of Italian.

I think that all my students will (not necessarily) enjoy these images, but will hopefully appreciate them.

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Posted 15 March, 2020:

The virus spread over Italy – the March 1, 2020 map

Milano and Piazza Duomo — normally bustling with Milanesi and tourists, now empty. Even the pigeons are gone!

The virus spread over Italy — the March 15, 2020 map.

My cousin Danilo in Palermo — “Everything will be fine.”

Campaign for all Italians — “I’m doing my part STAYING HOME, and you? The sun will always shine.”

My cousin in Bologna sent me this – empty Bologna

To boost morale, the Frecce Tricolori (Three-color Arrows) – the Aerobatic flying team of the Italian Air Force with Luciano Pavarotti singing “All’alba Vincerò” in the background [1 min. video -YouTube link]

My little friends Rossella and Giulia in Napoli — “Everything will be fine.”

My cousin Roberto in Bologna

Long-live the selfie!

Some Milanese people feel the precautions are over-blown! “Here in Milano we are exaggerating!”

Corona Virus Pastries sold at a bakery in Bologna — Italian humor is the best!

The Italian military help maintain order and compliance to quarantine regulations.

#iorestoacasa: National education campaign – “Leave the virus at the door – STAY HOME!”

Disinfecting hands in Piazza Venezia, Roma.

At the height of the crisis, leaving home requires paperwork explaining a destination and reason for leaving quarantine – under penalty of a 200 Euro fine.

Kids are the first ones to break the rules.

Italians waiting patiently to access the neighborhood “Tabacchi” store stand one meter apart to avoid contagion.

This merchant puts up a sign stating that he doesn’t want to discuss Corona Virus.

“Everything will be fine” campaign in the streets of Milano.

At the local Giant supermarket, this was the last box of De Cecco pasta – and I managed to grab it! Yay me!!