ARCHIVES: Andiamo! Surviving Italy


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WEEK 1 [July 11, 2018]:

ARTICLE: How Not to Embarrass Yourself and Annoy Everyone Else When Visiting Italy by Sandro Cuccia

Class Lecture Notes – Week 1

WEEK 2 [July 18, 2018]:

ARTICLE: Ten Bewildering Things About Being an American in Italy by Sandro Cuccia

ARTICLE: An Introduction to ‘Pizzeria Italian’ by Sandro Cuccia

Class Lecture Notes – Week 2

RECIPE by Sandro Cuccia: Easter Rice Pie

RECIPE by Sandro Cuccia: Fettuccine al Burro [a.k.a. Fettuccine Alfredo]

RECIPE by Sandro Cuccia: The Bellini Cocktail

RECIPE by Sandro Cuccia: Rigatoni Alla Norma

RECIPE by Sandro Cuccia: Shitake Risotto Alla Sandrino

WEEK 3 [July 25, 2018]:

Class Lecture Notes – Week 3

ARTICLE: What’s the Story with Tuscan Bread? by Sandro Cuccia

ARTICLE: The Pizza Named After a Queen: Pizza Margherita by Sandro Cuccia

ARTICLE: Nineteen Common Misconceptions About Italian Food by Sandro Cuccia

RECIPE by Sandro Cuccia: Spaghetti All’Amatriciana

RECIPE by Sandro Cuccia: Sicilian Caponata

PASTA SHAPES: This ZIP file contains several images from the Encyclopedia of Pasta

WEEK 4 [August 1, 2018]:

Class Lecture Notes – Week 4

ARTICLE: The Italian Rail System – An Overview by Sandro Cuccia

ARTICLE: Traveling to Italy With Your Smartphone by Sandro Cuccia

ARTICLE: How to Unlock Your iPhone With a Different Carrier by Sandro Cuccia

ARTICLE: Dealing With Electrical Receptacles in Italy by Sandro Cuccia

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