Course Textbook Information


This page will describe the ordering information for the required textbooks that are used in the ENTIRE seven-class Scuola di Italiano curriculum, Italiano 1 though Italiano 7
(from now on, known as Scuola 1 through Scuola 7).

All books and materials are published by Living Language.

This textbook (including CDs and notebook) for the beginners classes – Scuola 1 and Scuola 2 –
is called:

Living Language Italian, ESSENTIAL EDITION: Beginner Course, with CDs
[Amazon price: approx. $22 as of August 2019]

Click THIS LINK to the web page for the Essential Edition

However you have another option that will save you  considerable dollars: Living Language also publishes a full set of the THREE BOOKS we use for the ENTIRE Scuola di Italiano curriculum.

This is called:

Living Language Italian, COMPLETE EDITION: Beginner through Advanced, with CDs
[Amazon price: approx. $28 as of August 2019]

Here is the link to the web page for the Complete Edition

Please note that the Amazon product pages give the impression that you only get the CDs with this order. Don’t be misled; you get it all…  books, CDs, and notebook.

By the way, Barnes & Noble generally keeps a small stock of these items. It will be a bit more expensive than Amazon, but purchasing from B&N will support one of the few remaining “brick-and-mortar” bookstores in the U.S.

Important FYI: The Essential Edition (single book) is the textbook we use in both beginner Scuola di Italiano courses: Scuola 1 and Scuola 2. This book is also part of the three-book Complete Edition. The other two books in this set (the Intermediate book and the Advanced book) are used in our remaining classes (Scuola 3 through Scuola 7) of the seven-semester series.

It’s important to understand that the Essential Edition book is the only book of the three that is sold separately. If you think you may be continuing your Italian studies beyond Scuola 2, and taking the remaining classes as they come up (Scuola 3 through Scuola 7), you might consider purchasing the Complete Edition outright, it will contain all three books, all CDs, and other material. And… it saves you money!

On the other hand, if you’re not sure about continuing your studies beyond Scuola 2, and you choose to wait until later to purchase the Complete Edition, you will end up with an extra copy of the Essential Edition book. In the past, several students have donated their extra Essential book to the course/school. Just sayin’.

Would you like a PDF version of this information? CLICK HERE

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